The misguided Mega-Mall will disrupt traffic and cause our roadways to be filled with rampant congestion

Miami-Dade has some of the most congested roadways in America, with traffic issues costing South Florida residents almost $1,000 every year. This project will  add countless more cars to our already crowded roadways.

Tybee Island Beach Renourishment 2008

While developers profit, taxpayers will foot the multimillion-dollar bill for infrastructure improvements

The developer’s own forecasts predict huge numbers of daily visitors to the mega-mall. Yet their plans don’t clearly reflect how they’ll deal with the dramatic – and costly – need for new roadways.

What happened to all those jobs the mega-mall developer first promised? How can we believe the hype if the numbers keep changing?

The mega-mall developer initially said the project would create 25,000 jobs. A couple of weeks later the job projection fell to 10,000. Now they tell the Governor and Cabinet it’s more like 7,500 jobs. What’s next? Can we really believe any of these dubious promises?


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